Assisted Stretch with Fascial Stretch Therapy

What is different about FST?
FST is pain-free assisted stretch. It improves mobility of our nerves and flexibility of you muscles and fascia. Other methods focus on isolated muscle stretching which is often uncomfortable or even painful and results are only temporary.

What is Fascia?
Fascia is the connective tissue system of the body that penetrates through and wraps around muscles, nerves, organs and just about everything else in your body.

Why Stretch Fascia vs. Muscles?
Fascia surrounds each muscle, connects them to each other and penetrates deep inside them. It also connects muscles to tendons, ligaments and bone to form a body-wide, smart functional network. Fascia connects to all of your organs and sysemts too. Focussing on only stretching the muscle is “old school,” limited in benefit, often hurts and does not last.